How to Travel in Luxury for Cheap!

As a family of 6 we have always been travelling with the kids for vacation.  With such a large number budget had always been an issue.  As the kids grew older and our tastes  got better we started looking for creative ways to travel in luxury for less.


In this blog we will share our five tips for travelling in style and staying at some of the best accommodation on a budget.

A trip to the Emperors palace in Beijing or the great wall of China?


Why not?  What’s stopping you.20180526_110227 (2)

The one question we always asked our kids.  If money was no object where would you go?



Tip #1  Points! Points!! Points!!!

Reward points = free travel

Reward points = free upgrade

Wether its a credit card with reward points or a travel rewards card such as airmiles or Aeroplan, these are essential to a frequent traveler.  Join the frequent flier club and get rewarded for points.  Keep on accumulating said points and use it towards free flights or indeed upgrade in cabin.



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