New York: From Scene To Seen

Scene to seen documents TV and film famous locations that you can visit on your travels. No Hollywood tour required!


It’s thrilling to see the places from your favorite films and tv shows before your eyes. For a moment, you may feel tingled by the touch of Hollywood magic as you think holy crap that’s where spiderman swung! Or They did that scene here? But this spot is empty!

Whether this is your first visit to New York, or you come so often you may as well buy a house, you can inject a different kind of appreciation for the Big Apple. Here are some key film spots in and around Central Park that you may recognize that you should include on your next Central Park visit.


What better way to start your personal Hollywood tour than with the view of a castle. This wonder is seen in Enchanted as Giselle dances through the costumed dancers.

Make your way to the castle itself and you’ll be greeted with beautiful panoramic views of Central Park. Its purpose really lives up to the castle’s name which translates to “beautiful view”



If you’re into romance movies you might recognize this boathouse from When Harry Met Sally as well as 27 Dresses. And if you’re into romance in general, you may enjoy the space for its beautiful decor and peaceful activities. With a restaurant that opens up to the lake, boat rentals, and even a gondola ride, it’s no wonder that Loeb Boathouse is a location of choice for special events both on and off the screen (like weddings!).


Over the lake is Bow Bridge. A place of first dates (like Rachel and Finn in season 2 of Glee) or breakups (like Mary Jane and Peter Parker of Spiderman 3) or fantastical gestures (like part of the dance number in Enchanted).

Image courtesy of Iamnotastalker which also happens to list a lot of other films that take place at Bow Bridge.caption


What better backdrop is there to ending “The Avengers”? With the Loki and Thor send off happening on the terrace overlooking the fountain. The Angel of the Waters peeking up behind Hawkeye’s shoulder.

Image from MovieMaps.
Image from MovieMaps.

Or what cooler spot for Keanu Reeves to stroll out to for the ending scene of John Wick II?

Image from PeterPenTours.
Image from PeterPenTours.

This location is a particularly popular one for filming. It seems to be difficult to pinpoint the exact number of films or TV shows shot at this very location. Between IMDB and multiple other web sources, I’ve counted at least 40 different films apart from the ones listed above. The list extends to include Mr. Deeds, Jessica Jones, and Enchanted to name just a few).



This space is most recognizable in the winter in multiple romcoms such as Serendipity or My Sassy Girl. Usually as the spot where the protagonist and the love interest share a skate.

And during the summer the space transforms into the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park. Making it a fun way to spend quality time in the park.

Not including the amount of time you spend at each location, hitting up all five locations in Central Park will take at least a half-hour of walking over 1.3 miles (or a bit over 2 km) making this a great way to spend the afternoon in Central Park.

And this is just five stops. The amount of films and TV shows filmed in the park is exhaustive with many different paths, bridges, etc. featured. showcases at least 40 different shooting locations within Central Park. With such an exhausting list, you can take the better part of a day (or a couple of days) just exploring everything. And when you take your personal tour, try and see if you can identify everything that’s been shot at each spot and have fun recreating your favorite moments.

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