Essence of China Tour – The Great Wall!

My family usually goes on vacation to tropical places with beautiful beaches and wonderful weather. I thought that we would be able to go to a beach in China. Sadly, my geography failed me again; China was our first trip as a family in a long time that was not tropical. Even though I packed a swimsuit and clothing that you would wear out that fits the May-June weather of tropical places. I was still able to wear them when we went to the Great Wall of China.


It was quite the temperature that day! Enough to make people feel queasy about climbing to the top post. There are twelve posts or checkpoints that are fortresses or command posts. The highest one on that section of the Great Wall of China was not visited often because it was difficult to climb the wall. The steps were steep and uneven, there was no railing to hold on to sometimes.


That’s my mum!  She only made it to post 6!!

Feeling adventurous, the entire tour tried to impress the other and sport their agility. This was a wonder of the world that was built thousands of years ago. We were stepping on history that bajillions of people have stepped on before. Imagine, Beyoncé probably climbed it! We had to show out and impress/represent our ancestors. In other words, everybody wanted to be that person who climbs to the top in this special opportunity.


None of us did. The weather conditions and my imaginary heart conditions prevented me from reaching to the top but bragfully I can say that I reached number ten before I gave up.


View from number 10!

But it is also embarrassing to say that when I was trying to catch my lungs at one of the checkpoints; checkpoint one to be exact, a man passed me then made an interesting comment.

“Wanna know what will make you feel better. I’m only 72 and I’m not even tired.”

Obviously that made him feel better because I was fifty years younger and was clearing struggling (still made it to checkpoint ten!!)

The only people from our tour group who made it to the top were my brothers and dad.


We have a love-love relationship but that does not give him bragging rights!

How they managed in such wild circumstances astounds me, but I know it is the fragile ego that was the adrenaline for some. The Great Wall of China was the essence of China to me.

It made me appreciate the healthy lifestyle and helped others prove their skill.


Next stop  Shanghai!


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