Travel for free on points!

Once a year my wife and I would pick a destination and travel there for free!  Whether its New York, Las Vegas or Miami our flights, Accommodation and car rentals would be 100% free.


How did we make this happen?  By signing up for some of the best reward programs programs on our credit cards and actively using our cards to get those points.

I will be sharing how you can too can take advantage of some of the best reward points programs and be rewarded with free travel.

The joy of free flights

Free Flights!

Recently my daughter and her fiancé flew return from Toronto to Japan for free!  She had been saving her reward points on her credit card for 3 years in order to make that happen.  She loved that the round trip didn’t cost her anything but was annoyed that she had to pay so much taxes on the flights…

All loyalty reward points programs are not the same!

DO your research check out websites to review which gives you the best rewards

I find the following websites great for directing me to the best loyalty programs in Canada and US.

Canada ->

US  ->


My personal favorite is CIBC Aventura (  The points include the taxes and they have great offers now and then.

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Free Points!

I can hear you thinking…how many points do I need to fly to Japan..and how much do I need to spend on my credit card to get enough points to fly my anywhere!


The good news is you don’t need to spend $10,000 on your credit card to get enough points for a short haul flight.

I learnt this trick from a friend of mine.  Every year he would fly (for free!) to South America for a vacation..that’s a long haul flight.  One day I asked him his secret….

He would apply for a credit card with a good promotional offer on travel rewards.  This would give him enough points towards his yearly trips.

However if you did try this trick I would not suggest you do it forever as eventually your credit might be impacted.

Check out the link below for a guide on the best travel rewards cards of 2019.



Free Car Rentals!

Last December we drove to Orlando Florida from Toronto.  The trip is about 24 hours (or 1250 miles/2000 KM).  I was not looking forward to putting that much mileage on my car.

We decided to get a rental car.  Now a family of 6 in  a rental car for requires a minivan or SUV which are pricier than normal to rent.  I was able to rent this, over Christmas, for the same price as a standard.


I had enrolled in the National Car Emerald Club loyalty program ( and accumulated enough points to get access to the emerald aisle.  This means that for free I could upgrade my car for the same price as a standard.


Join any car rental loyalty programs and eventually you should accumulate enough points to get free upgrades or free rentals!





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