Travel Tip – Read Reviews

Reviews are very important.  The difference between a good travel experience and a great one is often hearing what others have to say during the same trip.


We recently went on a road trip to Orland Florida.  Normally we would go online and book a villa in the area we are interested in and at the price range we had in mind.  This time we decided to do something different and read the reviews.  We used the website vrbo and expanded our reach in terms of location and cost.  We finally came across a Villa that was slightly above our budget but had an excellent review.


We had an amazing experience.  Not only was it probably the best villa we stayed in the Florida are but we saved that extra money in the long run. It was so cozy with its own hot tub and swimming pool that we spent more time indoors than out at restaurants and the parks.

So do your research.  

Read reviews.

and use online resources such as vrbo and tripadvisor.



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